FAQ about banner types, design and ordering process

Please look at the questions below and click on the one you need the answer to. If you have additional questions, please use the contact form in the bottom right corner of the page.

1. What kind of banners do you design?

We specialize in designing banner ads in standard sizes for display advertising - web banners, Facebook ads, banners for AdWords display, etc.

2. Do you design other images and banners besides banners for advertising?

We specialize in images for advertising but if you need other images such as website headers or social networks profile covers, we will gladly design them as well. Please choose the appropriate size and mention in the details form what you need the image for so we can design something that fits your purpose.

3. How do I order banners? What is your process?

  1. Please go to our homepage www.revenuejack.com and press the button "Order banners" or scroll down to the pricing section. Choose the type and number of banners you need and proceed by clicking "buy".
  2. Complete the form with the details for the banner such as size and text. Please attach any material you want us to use.
  3. Go to Banner Orders and check the progress of your order. You can add details for the order, talk to your designer, approve and download banners when they're ready or request changes.

4. What details do your designers need from me?

  • Size - the most common sizes for banner ads are: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 468x60. For Facebook ads you should choose 600x315 or 1200x628.
  • Text for the banner - what do you want it to say? What would clients think are the most important things about your business?
  • Text for button - this is the call to action (CTA), if you want to use one. We recommend using a button on your banner that indicates the action a person would take next after clicking your banners (learn more, buy, etc)
  • Provide the name of your business and website and include any other specifications you have.
  • Please attach a good quality image of your logo (a banner should have the logo or the name of the business advertising). Attach any materials & images you want us to use.

5. How soon can I expect my banners to be ready?

Our turnaround time is between 24 hours and 3 business days from the moment we receive the details for the order. It depends a lot on how soon the client approves the design or requests changes to the sketches we send, if he wants any.

6. Are the banners ads you design compatible with AdWords / DoubleClick / Facebook campaigns?

Yes, we follow AdWords and Facebook guidelines. If you're using another platform that has particular guidelines or restrictions, please inform us and we will design something that fits your needs.

7. Do I get the source files for my banners?

You can buy the editable files as well by clicking on the Premium options link and selecting the number of source files you need.

8. What if I need changes to my banners?

We offer about 3 free design revisions per banner. Our designer presents a sketch and the client has the chance to approve or request changes to the design. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the final version. After the client approves a design and we send over the file, we don’t accept more change requests.

9. What if I’m not satisfied with your design?

In case we don’t manage to design something you like, despite having a large team of talented designers, you can request a refund. Please note that we won’t refund the transaction if you approved the design and downloaded the banner prior to requesting the refund.

10. What are the best practices when making a web banner ad?

We highly recommend not using banners that are too flashy. You want to attract attention but you don’t want to annoy or stress the person seeing your ad. This is why we don’t even create pop-up ads. Use a limited number of effects or animations, colors that are aesthetically pleasing, and keep the information short and to the point. You might also want to refrain from using texts and calls to action that are aggressive.

The ad should be beautiful, informative and respectful. In a sea of loud banner ads that tell people what to do with their lives, your clients will appreciate your consideration.

11. What about the rules and best practices for a Facebook banner ad?

The principles described above apply for Facebook banners as well, however, there are other specific rules you need to follow:

12. Can banners ads have a negative impact on my customers?

Your advertising campaign will be a positive experience if you use tasteful, creative, beautiful and informative banners. The design should be clear, making the banners visible but discreet, offer valuable information, with non-aggressive calls to action and colors.

Also, please limit the number of times the banners are displayed (daily impressions) to two or three times a day per person, for a few days. Showing the same banners to the same audience over a longer period of time will lead to ad fatigue. Advertise to the same audience only for about a week, especially when retargeting.

13. Will my banner be hosted on your server? Do I get an embed code?

We do not provide image hosting services or embed codes. We will deliver the file in a downloadable format which you can then add to your advertising campaigns, your website or upload it on a image hosting server and use the embed code they provide.

14. Will people see my banner on the web if I use your design service?

We only design the banners through this service. If you want to advertise your business you need an advertising campaign but we will gladly offer you assistance with that process if you want.

15. How do I start gathering referrals?

You can invite anyone to use our services by sending them your referral link. This link is unique for each user and it can be found under the Preferences tab. We will reward your efforts with $10 minimum for each referral or %10 of his/her first orders. Rewards will be processed in 10 days from the referrals first purchase.