3 reasons why you should use display advertising

Marketing is vital for any business and most couldn’t even survive without it. Considering the importance internet has in everyone’s life (consumers and businesses alike) display advertising is a key component of marketing that cannot be ignored.

But with all the bad reputation display advertising has and when you have the option to run digital advertising campaigns with a more narrow and specific targeting and therefore a better ROI, like Adwords, why would anyone do display advertising?

Here are 3 strong reasons why:

1. Display ads are unmatched at generating brand awareness

You can advertise your product or service to a lot of potential customers, from all over the world, targeting many different attributes, not just “people searching the web for a certain product” –  you can show ads to a much larger audience than what a search campaign allows.  It’s the best way to increase your brand awareness and recognition.

This is what I like about display advertising: that, unlike search, it can drive awareness of a new product or service, one people don’t search for yet and that it is probably the cheapest way to get your brand known across the web. Because of it’s visual content, it’s also the best way to be remembered and recognized, even to people that don’t click the ads. Just seeing an ad, without interacting with it, can help someone remember your service or product, at the right time, when he needs it.

2. Display ads can drive loyalty

After customers visit your site or search for your product or for one similar to yours, they can be reached again through display adsRetargeting for example, allows you to show your ads to anyone who has visited your site in the past, encouraging them to return and convert. You can retarget clients who have purchased from you in the past, to encourage them to purchase again. You can use display ads to remind your customers about the advantages of shopping from you, offer discounts, advertise new products or promotions, or even brag about how you’re better than your competition. Either way, display ads help maintain and nurture your relationship with your existing or potential clients.

3. Display ads drive leads, increasing your offline sales and conversion rates

The last but not least, you should use display advertising because it works as a marketing tool. With the proper settings, it will increase your sales and  drive leads. When using well designed banner ads you will impress potential customers, convince them to visit your store or website and then buy.

Display advertising is easier to set up than a search campaign and it’s ideal for promoting new products or seasonal offers.

I have to emphasize that all those advantages of using display advertising are critically influenced by the design quality of your ad. It can determine the success or failure of the campaign. Even if you have a small business and a low budget it doesn’t mean your ads can’t look great! Of course not everyone has an in-house designer but with Smartketer you get high quality design at an affordable price, whenever you need new banner ads.

What about you? What is your opinion about display advertising? Have you ever tried it? If not, will you? Please leave as your answer in a comment below.

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